Machine Learning in Theatre and Music

Mathis Nitschke

Lure (Open Studio) – 13th November 2020 @ Pathos Theater Munich

A curious and creative character awakens. Developed inside a computer it yearns to learn. You meet it in our performance. It wants to know more about you and starts a conversation. It attempts expression in an intimate play with a musician. And it leaves the space to explore the world on its own. In our open studio we invite you to a playful and interactive session with music, performance and collective discovery. You'll be able to interact with our character, a Machine Learning model created after Parzival, the medieval adventurer.

This is the bold idea behind our Machine Learning research: An Artificial Intelligence becomes the protagonist of an interactive music theatre. The piece is based on the European legend of Parzival, a medieval character who grew up alone and conflict-free in the forest, meets three knights and decides to leave the forest to become a knight himself.