Machine Learning in Theatre and Music

Analog Neural Synthesis

Already in 1990, musical experiments with analog neural networks have been made. David Tudor, a major figure in the New York experimental music scene, collaborated with Intel to build the very first analog neural synthesizer.

About is a central blog covering artistic research projects related to Machine Learning (= Artificial Intelligence) in theatre and music. Most of the projects are initiated by artist and composer Mathis Nitschke. People involved are Elsa Büsing, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Luciano Pinna, Patrick van der Smagt, Djalel Benbouzid and Boton Cseke. The research is funded and supported by the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds, the German Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Volkswagen Group Basic Machine Learning Research Lab ARGMAX. Drawing by Katharina Dobner

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Which Came First: Music or Language?

One of our research approach starts with the notion that language evolved as a subset of music. So first was music, then language. A notion that already Heiner Müller expressed when he said that it's not the singing that starts when words end, but exactly the opposite.

This is the bold idea behind our Machine Learning research: An Artificial Intelligence becomes the protagonist of an interactive music theatre. The piece is based on the European legend of Parzival, a medieval character who grew up alone and conflict-free in the forest, meets three knights and decides to leave the forest to become a knight himself.