Machine Learning in Theatre and Music

Lure – a music-theatrical exploration of AI (open studio)

A curious and creative character awakens. Developed inside a computer it yearns to learn. You meet it in our performance. It wants to learn about you and starts a conversation. It tries to express itself by playing with a musician. And it leaves that space to explore the world by itself. This is also a prototype for a theatrical staging in digital space. As an audience member, imagine yourself being one of the participants in this Zoom-like meeting. You enter the space with your webcam using the same custom built Augmented Reality filter which you see on all the faces in the video.

About is a central blog covering artistic research projects related to Machine Learning (= Artificial Intelligence) in theatre and music. Most of the projects are initiated by artist and composer Mathis Nitschke. People involved are Elsa Büsing, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Luciano Pinna, Patrick van der Smagt, Djalel Benbouzid and Boton Cseke. The research is funded and supported by the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds, the German Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Volkswagen Group Basic Machine Learning Research Lab ARGMAX. Drawing by Katharina Dobner

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